December 25, 2019

I opened the Christmas today. Dad wished me a "Happy Christmas" and I got a call from my aunt to at 8 o'clock in the morning wishing me a Merry Christmas. It was sunny in the beginning of the day but it looks like we have some cirrus clouds now. Not a white Christmas here on the East coast unfortunately. It's about 45 degrees outside. I'm setting up my homepod and imac right now. I hope the mac transfer ututility works. I don't want to reinstall everything. I went to see Sam yesterday. I gave her an Amazon gift card which I think she liked. I told her about family systems. It seems like a fascinating idea. I wished my friend a Merry Christmas by text message. He's doing well. I stopped drinking coffee in the afternoon and reduced my tea to half a cup. I think I feel calmer. I'm not going to bed earlier though. I tried to remember to not to "forget myself". Sam was drinking the tea I bought her for Christmas last year. She said she liked it which made me happy.