October 11, 2020

My Audioengine N22 got delivered today. I can now listen to my headphones with the Qutest.

I don't think dad has that much longer. Mitubhai sent an oxygen machine.

Listening to my Sennheiser HD660S. It sounds good. The HD Tracks and Chesky Records samplers are pretty good. I wish all music was recorded like that.

I was about to signup for the Introduction to Meditation at the Insight Meditation Society but I'm skeptical because they are asking for money.

Its so hard to find a teacher.

I need to refine my schedule.

Published on North Penn Networks and my blog that I help Nonprofits for free. I'm hoping I will be able to make some connections in the community this way and help out some good causes at the same time.

I liked meditating today. I felt a sense of peace.

I want to live a simple life but I'm buying all this audio equipment.

Selena Gomez is playing right now (I'd Go Back To You).