October 23, 2020

I've been feeling kind of flat. Stopped the morning routine September 22.

Anyways my back is much better now, but I feel like I don't have much motivation. Feel like a jellyfish instead of a porpoise. I started creating a video of what my guitar sounds like before and after a new bone saddle and nut but my heart wasn't in it.

I don't have much interest in my website or career which used to be big motivators for me.

I'm sleeping alot like 12 hours a day and could sleep more.

I hope writing about my experience now will help me in the future.

I created a Google Sheet which summed up my pros and cons.

Today's meditation session was alright. There was a moment when I was able to stay focused and not go into monkey mind. It was a single moment but I stayed on the right path.