May 29, 2021

It's Memorial Day weekend. My first paid holiday. I wonder how much vacation I have accumulated.

So far my Breville hot cocoa maker is still working. It didn't work too well when I added sugar but with the Ghiradelli Double Chocolate mix it works pretty good. I like that one because the ingredients are simple.

Gave a demo of some of the work I did. It went pretty good.

Data Visualization is harder than I expected. The lectures are pretty good.

We have record low temparatures here in PA (mid 40s).

The association is resurfacing our roads.

Been meeting with Elana. She was grouchy last week.

Going to try to do some indoor walking tomorrow. I think I'll join the center if I go three weekends in a row so that I can do the weight room.

My sister and nephew may be visiting soon.