January 4, 2022

Going to go back and work for NYGB and Fred. It is a pain dealing with United.

Got my shot today

Everybody is dropping off goodies and its ruining my diet.

My new Mac mini is running pretty well. I got the model with 16 GB of RAM.

Can't wait for my power adapter for my speakers. They are really old speakers.

When I meditate different thoughts pop into my mind. I realize they break my meditation and they are there because of my thoughts, speech and actions. I do feel like I have improved some. I feel like I have some control over my meditation session. Before I used to sit there and my thoughts would be monkey mind, but lately I have been able to discipline myself more. Sometimes, when a thought comes I don't even realize I've drifted until I get so caught up in the thought. Lately I have been catching myself in about 30-60 seconds sometimes less. I don't think its more than that.

My apple keyboard came by courier today. I was in a meeting.

I've made a very intricate schedule for myself for what happens after the 7th. I wonder how much I'll stick to it. I made some mini-tests for myself and I had followed through with my schedule.