October 2, 2022

Settlement is October 28. Gotta move fast.

Its been raining alot lately with Hurricane Ian. The drought is over.

Florida's Natural orange juice is not the same anymore. I bought apple juice this time.

Going to have a Beyond Burger for dinner today. The last time it turned out pretty good.

Pasta turned out really good yesterday as usual.

Called Wegmans today. I guess I should get a Covid booster.

Registered for mail-in ballots.

Didn't meditate the full 20 minutes today since I had to meet Kathy.

Using the car I got from Abington.

Mom was telling me the story of how when grandfather visited from India he thought it was heaven here.

Yes, a lot to be thankful for. I'll be happy if I can do my part.

Listening to "River" right now by Enya.

I'm at the apartment right now. Been here since early March. I'll need to take some photos as memories.

Its funny how song take you back in time. I remember hearing "Sombrero" and it reminded of the time when I was just starting out at IG.

I think this is the most I have ever written in my journal.