July 23, 2023

Wow its been awhile since I wrote here. What's going on. Let's see

I'm no longer going to see Elana. Looks like it will just be Doylestown for me. That's a big change! Congratulations! I hope everything works out.

Mom got back from India. It was really hot there. I'm glad she made it back safe. She had gotten dehydated. I don't know why she doesn't turn on the AC in the daytime.

My sister is in Colorado for a conference and seeing family. Kai baby gave me a big hug when I saw him.

Mopped the floors with Murphy's and warm water. It looks better now and I feel better too.

I brought my websites back to life. I got Quadstat.com back!

Started contributing to my 401(k) at 5%.

Work is going good. There's a deployment coming up.